In March of 2011, Jim Canelos was arrested in Mohave County, Arizona for sporting a flag hat at a county supervisors' meeting that prohibited sporting hats.

In February of 2010, Mervin Fried was arrested in Kingman, Arizona for bringing a symbolic pitchfork to a protest during acounty administration building. Fried argued that the county already allowed voters to hold guns-a additional dangerous weapon-into government buildings, and was later acquitted.

Most notably, in November of 2009, 10 protestors angry over ObamaCare were arrested for participating in disorderly conduct outside Nancy Pelosi's workplace in Washington, D.C. The ralliers were discovered to own been organized by rabid anti-abortion activist and Democrat Randall Terry of Operation Rescue.

Let's not forget the recent riots abroad, largely in Western Europe, galvanized by the Occupy Wall Street protests. It's awfully shuthowever i am attending to ought to counsel that Occupy Wall Street is a smaller amount law-abiding than the Tea Party. nevertheless to listen to the mainstream media gift it, Occupy Wall Street is each bit as peaceful and legitbecause the Tea Party.

The disparate treatment given to those wildly uneven tallies reflects the double customary set by the left-leaning media: One Tea Partier raising his fist in anger over intrusive government is as alarming in concert thousand Occupy Wall Street protestors clashing with police.

Some commentators have noted that Occupy Wall Street and also the Tea Party each began out of anger over the nation's largest banks being bailed out. Though the sources of their grievances overlap, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street have used vastly totally different ways to urge across their messages. Ironically, the Tea Party, that is additional suspicious of state, has been following the letter of the law. Occupy Wall Street, that favors additional government regulation, has been trampling everywhere the law.

The Tea Party believes the govt has legitimate, restricted functions, like the facility of the police and courts to safeguardfolks from the initiation of force and violation of property rights. In distinction, Occupy Wall Street believes legitimate functions of state embrace providing universal healthcare, free school education, and a living wage; naturally, they see its policing functions as rather superfluous and heavy-handed, if not downright militaristic.

Thus, we've got the spectacle of defense lawyers representing over 800 defendants in Manhattan's criminal court system demanding that every one charges be dropped for the protestors, and threatening individual trials for the miscreants, soadditional clogging the system's already overstuffed caseload.

Just before the autumn 2008 bank bailout, that most Democrats supported and most Republicans opposed, President Bush infamously observed that he had "abandoned free market principles to avoid wasting the free market system."

The members of an
Occupy Wall Street movement that claims to worry with justice are wildly indiscriminate in their violation of the law. Occupy Wall Street protestors apparently believe they have to abandon our civilized system of state so as to avoid wasting it.